The World’s Leading Personal Trainers bring you the UK’s tastiest Meal Prep Service.

We didn’t get our reputation as the world’s leading personal trainers, by sitting back and leaving our clients results to chance.

Let’s not pretend that meticulously tracking what you eat, and calculating macronutrients is anybody’s idea of fun; and yet undeniably, diet plays such a hugely important part in achieving any of our clients’ results.

Realising that keeping a client’s diet on track can make the difference between a good result and an outstanding one, we created EatUP – to cut out the guesswork and leave nothing to chance.

So, what is EatUP?

EatUP is Ultimate Performance’s answer to a convenient and sustainable dieting tool, that will mean you actually look forward to satisfying mealtimes whilst simultaneously fulfilling your dietary goals. We’ve worked closely with both our Personal Trainers and our In-House Professional Chef, to develop both delicious and nutritious meals that enable your diet to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Tried, Tested and Delicious!

We prepare meals three times a week, to ensure optimal freshness and to cover you from Monday through until Sunday with a delicious selection of breakfasts and mains that will serve you after the gym, in the office or even around the dinner table. Simply select what you would like and when you would like it – and we do the rest. It really is that simple.

Choose a meal size that is right for you - Small or Large
Decide how may meals per day you'll be having
Select your meals from our menu
Choose a delivery option

Local Meal Prep to UP Global Standards

We now offer EatUP in Manchester, London and Hong Kong with EatUP scheduled to be available in all UP locations soon.

We offer convenient collection from our Gym locations and a local delivery service.